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Stream Movies Online for Free on Xbox One & PS4

Streaming movies online for free is one of the common aims for people that can’t go to watch them in the theater. The problem is there aren’t too. many options out there especially for the Xbox one and ps4 users. Many platforms allow movie streaming but most of them are not free but charge according to subscriptions packs. The number of sources that let you watch movies for free have decreased recently with the actions against piracy. It has become hard to get a hand on movie streaming without paying and not everyone wants to pay for the movies.

It is a huge trouble to find new sources once the old sources stop working. Many of the apps and websites stopped working but some are still up and providing free movie streaming to users. Not everyone knows about all the websites and you might need to do some research if you try finding them yourself.  But we have tried to help you out here with some of them on how you can still stream movies online. Here are a few websites that are quite popular for providing free streaming of movies without any signup or registrations.

These are some popular and reliable websites to watch movies for free online. Each of these websites work just fine for streaming movies online. Try them out and decide which one works best for you.

Best Sites to Stream Movies Online:


Fmovies are one of the popular websites that let you stream movies for free. The website has a huge number of movies in its collection that can be easily accessed by anyone on Xbox or ps4 as well. The interface is pretty good and efficient and you can look for movies in the whole collection easily. There are categories to browse through and the interface is also clean due to the lack of ads and pop-ups. Other than movies the website has TV shows to stream and all these things keep getting updated with new content. The website has everything that you need for watching movies including the long list of movies and the well-managed website.


123movies is yet another one of the websites and this one is also very good for streaming movies. The website is ad-free and you will not face any popups while watching movies. The interface is old and the movies are well organized in the categories. You can find any movie by sorting the movies or by filtering through them all. the search by name is also there. Downloading is also available on the website for movies as well as TV shows and animes.


Pocornflix is a good website for free online streaming of movies and it also has many movies. There are so many movies and mainly it is best for new movies. The fresh movies and new releases are available on this website the quickest. There are large genres of movies that are covered on Popcornflix. Users also get recommendations by page owner of the most viewed and popular movies.

Movies plant.TV

Movie plant TV is the place for streaming movies for free through the large collection of movies. There are all the genres of movies that get covered on the website. The hit and top or high rated movies are also available on the website right on the home page. Even more, the news about the movies and TV shows are provided on the website so you never miss anything. Users can connect with social media if they want to.the top views of the day are also available to all so they can get some idea of what to watch. All this streaming is for free.


This website is also the same with movies to stream online from a huge library containing movies from different genres. The website has two versions one is newer much simplified with a search bar to find and another one is older that has lists of movies that you can check. The categorized movies in the older version are a much better way to browse through for similar movies. The movies available on the website have HD and even lower quality depending on your need. More than one stream link for any movies is available to watch in case any issue comes with one of the links. The movies go from the old ones to new ones as well as some old ones.

Note: For streaming movies online on Xbox One or PS4, you will have to open browser and after than visit any of the website mentioned in this article.

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