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Best Sites to Watch Anime Online for Free in 2019

With anime slowly and gradually becoming popular all over the world, the need anime streaming sites is increasing. There are plenty of websites out there that lets you stream anime online. However, most of these websites are filled with annoying advertisements that hinders the user experience. Additionally, some of the streaming websites being illegal, are often down or stop working. Recently we shared about Streaming Movies Online for free.

best sites to watch anime online for free

To solve this problem, we’ve created a list of best anime streaming websites that are free, legal and contain either zero or tolerable advertisements. Here’s the list:-

Stream Anime Series Online for Free Online:

Now, you can easily stream anime series online english dubbed and subbed. Just use any of the sites mentioned below in this article:

1. Kiss-Anime.ws

If you’ve been watching anime online for some time, you might be familiar with kissanime. This website is one of the oldest and the most popular anime streaming website in the world. The collection of anime that this site has is insane. There are no subscription fee or in-app purchases. This site has always been free and promises to remain free forever.

You can watch anime in Japanese language or watch the dubbed version of it. Subtitles are added in the episodes by default, which can be changed as per your wish. This site has an impressive loading speed and a clean UI. There are multiple video quality options that you can choose from depending upon your internet connection. This site is built in such a way that it consumes very little bandwidth of the users.

2. Animexd.me

Animexd has a black theme which can be helpful for people streaming anime at nigh time. Trending anime are displayed on the homepage along with their current as well as previous week ratings. If you’re not sure about which anime to go for, you can select any of the trending anime. With the live chat option, you can chat with other fellow anime fans and interact with them.

There are various sorting as well as viewing options to choose from. While streaming an anime, you can add subtitles to it as well as change the video quality from the given options. Animexd has a humongous catalogue that includes old classic as well as the current anime that are still running.

3. Hulu

Most of you are familiar with what Hulu is and how big of a streaming platform it is. Despite being such a big and credible name in the industry, the reason why it isn’t ranked at the top is because it isn’t free to use. This does not mean that you’ll have to pay the subscription fee from the very first day onwards.

Hulu offers a 30-day free trial after which users are required to pay a certain fee. The best part about the subscription is that users are free to end it anytime they wish to. Apart from anime, Hulu offers a wide range of TV shows, movies as well as documentaries. The subscription fee that it charges is very little in front of the humongous content that it offers.

4. Ani.me

Ani.me is another great legal website to stream anime for free online. This website only has anime that are licensed by US companies. There’s a forum to this website where fellow users

can interact, recommend anime and have fun discussions. Apart from a forum, this website also has a blog which gets updated regularly with reviews and recommendations.

The news section contains trending and latest news related to anime. In order to start streaming over here, you’ll need to sign in with your credentials or sign up to create an account. The search bar at the top of the homepage makes it easy for the users to browse their favorite anime without navigating through the whole website.

5. Sidereel.com

Unlike other streaming websites listed in this article, Sidereel doesn’t have any anime uploaded on its own website. Sidereel instead acts like a search engine to other anime websites. If you’re unable to find a particular anime on any of the streaming website, what you can do is search for that anime on Sidereel and various relevant results will be displayed.

When you search for an anime on this website, it shows multiple streaming websites where you can stream an anime. Now it’s up to you to select which streaming site to go for. As it doesn’t host anime or any other video content, this website isn’t even close to illegal. This is your last hope to find an anime if it wasn’t discoverable anywhere.


In the article above, we’ve listed some of the best anime streaming sites in the world currently. Every website that’s listed has some unique aspects of its own which make it different from the rest. One common feature about all of these websites is that they’re free to use as well as completely legal. Apart from providing free streaming, some of these listed websites provide downloading feature as well.

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